At Sunshine Coast Mowers, we believe maintaining your lawn all year round through regular mowing is best practice. Regular mowing not only aids in keeping your lawns and gardens tidy, it has other benefits, such as promoting the thickness of your grass and reducing weeds.

Why do weeds grow in winter?

In winter, the growth habit of your lawn will not be as lush and thick as it is during the other months of the year — simply because there is not as much sun to promote the growth and help thicken the grass — therefore the weeds will find it easier to push through.

A good technique is to keep some extra length on your lawn and ensure the ground doesn’t become compacted, particularly during and after periods of heavy rain.

If a few pesky weeds still manage to creep in, our team has plenty of helpful tips and there are products available to help you clean up your lawn.

Another tip is to mow your grass as regular as possible, to remove the flowering weed stalks and seed heads that would have spread the next generation of weeds in your lawn.

When is the best time to treat winter weeds?

Of course, it’s now!

By treating them now, you have more chance of getting rid of them before they sprout and drop their seeds into your soil ready to attack bigger and better next time.

Remember, mowing is best practice for weed control so start a schedule and try to stick to it.

However, while mowing a great and simple trick to control weeds from spreading, while keeping your lawns beautiful into the next season, lawn mowing as weed control will not work for all weed types.

Unfortunately some weeds form their seeds below mowing height, others seeds are very small and there a lot of them, so they won't be caught or removed by mowers.

For these types, try the old-fashioned practice of weed control: to hand pull if we can! Or to otherwise use the correct herbicide for the weed type we are trying to eradicate from our lawns.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers, we have a selection of hand tools that will assist in your lawn maintenance, weather trimming or pulling weeds.