There are not many outdoor tools more versatile than the chainsaw.Chainsaw Tune Up From cutting firewood to solid trees, from a delicate to a heavy-duty job and whether you use a Stihl or another brand, your chainsaw should perform the job every time.

However, don’t be fooled by its apparent power and effectiveness. The truth is a chainsaw is a finely tuned piece of machinery and it needs proper maintenance to provide you with years of service.

One of the most common questions we hear at Sunshine Coast Mowers is: How often should I sharpen my chainsaw?

The simple answer is: If you have to push down on the saw to cut through your timber then your chain is due to be sharpened.

Another common questions is: How long should a chain last?

A new chain can be destroyed in a couple of cuts if rocks, sand or charcoal are hit with the cutters, but they should last you a year or two.

And, how often should I get my chainsaw serviced?

For best results we would recommend an annual service after you have finished using the saw for the year. Servicing that you can do at home includes cleaning your air filter, changing a spark plug, sharpening your chain, flushing debris from the fuel and oil tanks, and general cleaning.

However, one of the most common areas inexperienced and semi professionals tend to overlook is the chain oiling system.

Most chainsaws have either an automatic or manual oiling system and performing regular checks will save you time and money.

To perform a check first of all make sure the oil reservoir is full, hold the saw about 30cm above a piece of paper and revv the saw a few times. By depressing the oil lever while the saw is revving, you should notice a light oil mist spraying onto the paper. If not, then you may have problems.

There are several steps you can take to locate the source of the problem. For instance, dust may have built up in the oil outlets. Your manual should highlight exactly where those oil outlets are located. They’ll require careful cleaning.

Removing the chain and checking the guide bar for cleanliness is also recommended. Without regular checking of the oil outlets dust and oil can build up leading to performance problems.

After checking and fixing these problems you are still experiencing difficulties, then it’s time to consider having your chainsaw looked at by an expert at Sunshine Coast Mowers.