More than a third of Australians have admitted they genuinely love mowing the lawn and more than two in five consider themselves an expert at mowing, a survey has found.

Given this affinity we seem to have for our front lawns, it’s important to know your stuff when it comes to picking a mower. To make it easy we at Sunshine Coast Mowers, only service and stock the best and have come up with one brand that we’re sure you’ll be interested in.

Masport Mowers is a family owned and operated business, producing high-grade and heavy-duty gardening equipment for more than 100 years. From ride-on, cylinder and standalone mower products, Masport also produces line trimmers (whipper snippers), blowers, hedge trimmers, shredders and more.

In short, it is a true outdoor equipment heavyweight and it is therefore unsurprising that it received a five-star ratings for the quality of the cut grass and its lawn mower reliability and performance.

Masport produces several different lawn mower models: the President series, the Silver Series and some generic offerings. Many of its models support “cut, catch and mulch” technology, and are buoyed by either steel or alloy frames.

Each mower has been designed to meet the needs of the heaviest lawn conditions and the longest mowing times, therefore they are built to last. And when it comes to offering innovative functions, Masport is a genuine market leader with features such as Smart Chute, Quickcut Blade System, Catcher Indicator and Ergo Handle for comfort mowing.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers we service and sell the entire Masport Mower President series range, to give our customers the guarantee of a longer-lasting mower. We are experts in the Masport range and have a comprehensive understanding of the mower’s features, enabling our team to find equipment that will best suit our customers' specific needs.

So, if it’s a quality cut you’re after and the reliability of a mower that will get the job done not once but every time, don’t look further than a Masport.


  • Washport - Hose fitting point on the housing to clean the housing while the mower engine is running, increasing the life of the chassis and improving cutting efficiency.
  • Snorkel Air Filter System - Reduces the risk of dust getting in the engine resulting in less air filter services.
  • Electric Key Start - Mowing is even easier with the electric start - turn the key and start mowing.
  • Adjustable Dual Bearing Wheels - Masport's ball bearing wheels make the mower easy to push and with a threaded axle and nut the wheels can easily be adjusted if they become loose after significant use.
  • Smartchute -Mow without the catcher, and avoid the messy grass clumps. The patented Masport Smartchute will side discharge a clean spread of clippings as you mow to leave your lawn looking wonderful. Just engage the unique feature and begin mowing.
  • Chipperchute - The Masport Chipperchute is an innovative development in lawn mowing that means your mower can do more than cut grass. The Chipperchute actually chips branches up to 35mm in diameter using the additional chipper blade and turns them into useful mulch. As branches are chipped the chips are fed back into the catcher so you can put the mulch into your compost or garden.
  • Mulching - Naturally recycles the grass by recutting it and feeding it back into your lawn.