Here at Sunshine Coast Mowers, we know that nothing beats a good barbecue feast on a hot summer night. That’s why we are proud to offer the full range of Masport Barbecues for you and all your friends to enjoy. Our Masport Barbecues will have you cooking up a storm with ease, leaving you to enjoy a nice cold beer by the pool.

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Everyone wants to be the best on the BBQ, so here are a few simple tips to help you:

1. Ensure your barbecue is maintained

Nobody wants their meat to be black, smokey and burnt! To reduce the risk of flare ups and excess smoke, make sure to keep your barbecue clean and maintained. Regular maintenance checks will make sure your barbecue lasts longer and works better. Make sure to use a barbecue brush to remove any excess food. Then, at least twice a year, remove the grates and burner covers to give your barbecue a deep clean. Make sure to check the burners and make sure the ports are clean and free of obstruction as a blocked port can lead to failed burners and uneven flames.

2. Make sure you have enough gas

Make sure to keep enough gas around so you never have to worry about running out with a group of hungry guests standing around!

3. Cook at the right temperature

Everyone is impatient when it comes to waiting for food, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the taste. When cooking on the barbecue, make sure you are cooking at the right temperature. Different meats need to be cooked at different temperatures. Thin cuts of lamb, pork, or beef should be cooked at a high temperature whereas products like fish, vegetables and chicken are supposed to be cooked at a medium temperature. Large cuts of meat like whole chicken and roasts need to be cooked at lower temperatures, meaning slower cooking times. Slower cooking times may be painful, but they will almost guarantee a delicious meal.

4. Manage the flare ups

When on the BBQ, you need to control the fire. Flare-ups are small cooking fires that usually occur when fat drops onto the fire. If a flare up occurs, you need to control the fire, not fight it. Make sure to trim away some of the fat before cooking to reduce the chance of these flare-ups. Always keep some of your barbecue empty so that if a flare-up occurs, you can move the food away from it. Keeping the barbecue lid up, let the flare-up burn off until it dies down. If the fire gets out of control, take the food off the barbecue and let the fire die down on it’s own. Do not spray water on the flare-up or any grease fire. Once the flare-up is finished, you can resume cooking.

5. Be patient!

It is important to be patient when cooking on the barbecue, but this doesn’t mean you should take your eyes off of what you are cooking. You should only turn the meat once when cooking on the barbecue. Remember that the meat needs room to cook, otherwise it will heat unevenly. After it has been cooked, the meat should be loosely covered with foil and allowed to rest for 5 minutes, leaving a more tender and juicy meal.

We hope you enjoy your barbecue experience!