Reducing NRSIEE Emissions

Australia is considered to have very good air quality within world standards. The Department of the Environment aims to maintain this control in quality by introducing new emission standards for non-road spark ignition engine and equipment (NRSIEE).

To put into perspective, a two-stroke leaf blower used for one hour can produce as much hydrocarbon as 150 cars over the same time.

The Government aims to add this action to the Commonwealth legislation, making it fall in-line with the best practice when it comes to international standards. This will ensure that Australia is getting the same high quality, low-emitting NRSIEE products as those accepted overseas.

Proposed Standards

The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has already developed exhaust and evaporative emission standards. These standards cover large fuel systems such as tanks, vent lines, caps and carbon canisters. The Australian Government aims to have similar standards based on theirs along with other international standards.

New and Existing Products

The proposed standards important and manufactured NRSIEE products. Australians don’t need to worry about their existing equipment as the standards will not apply to them. Majority of the standards will be more focused on performance rather than technological features.

Four-stroke and direct-injection two stroke engines will meet the standards. Conventional two-stroke outboards and non-handheld equipment such as mowers would not meet the new standards.