At Sunshine Coast Mowers, many of our customers are crazy about their lawns and we are often asked to give advice on lawn types.

On the Sunshine Coast, the two most common types of grass are Buffalo Grass and Couch Grass, although both are considerably different.

Buffalo grasses are soft leaved varieties, which are extremely versatile and grow well in sandy, lightly salty or even alkaline soils.

Couch grass is a hardy grass and probably the most popular type of lawn on the Coast.

Generally speaking it is a softer textured grass, with a finer leaf.

Both these grass varieties grow beautifully in full sun, plus they are some of the best choices for a shady area.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is the perfect grass for the Sunshine Coast, and is able survive well in both summer and winter without losings its rich colour and vibrancy.

There are several types of Buffalo Grass, all with different features and colours.

  • Palmetto buffalo - This is a tough yet soft grass that has excellent winter colour, and when established, can generally out-compete weeds. Palmetto grows well in full sun, yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses fail.
  • Sapphire soft leaf buffalo - This has the same performance as other types of buffalo but it has a finer texture. It grows quickly, recovers quickly from wear and also has good winter colour and a deep root system. 
  • Sir Walter - This is one of the most famous types of buffalo and it is drought resistant, works well in hot climates, and is very hardy. It tolerates shade well and maintains its colour for longer than other buffalo species. Because it is the softest buffalo, it is ideal for children to play on.
  • Shademaster buffalo - As the name implies, is great for shaded areas, as it has a broad, soft leaf.

Couch Grass

As with Buffalo grass, Couch has several varieties that grow well on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Greenlees Park - This is a semi-dwarf grass that grows horizontally, forming a very firm surface.It is hardwearing and has excellent heat tolerance, as well as being able to retain its colour in winter. However, it does require regular fertilising and moving, and it does not tolerate shade very well.
  • Santa Ana - It is the colour of this grass that really sets it a part, with a lovely blue green fine leaf. It loves warm conditions so it is ideal for lawns that have a hot, north facing position.
  • Wintergreen - This couch grass is good for a medium to low-density lawn that grows in filtered sunlight and can be used for most things around the home. It is budget-friendly and durable, being very heat and drought resistant. This type of Couch is probably the most common on the Sunshine Coast.