With Winter in full swing, we can bet your lawn is filled with fallen leaves and branches. This debris is often overwhelming and takes a long time to dispose of. Well, not to worry because we have just the thing for you!

Our chippers are just what you need to clean your garden. They are not only there for the easy disposal of debris, they also have easy maneuverability, allowing you to get to the hard-to-reach areas. Wood chips, leaves and freshly cut branches can be turned into mulch and used to revive your garden beds, especially in the winter when your soil is more unstable. Mulch also can help to trap the moisture in the soil, lowering the frequency you need water your plants.

When using a chipper, safety is the most important factor. You should always be wearing the correct safety gear like full length clothing, thick gloves, a helmet and eye and ear protection. Make sure that the chute is facing away from windows, cars and footpaths as this is where all the debris will come out. Add a director flap to have more control of the direction the debris comes out. When feeding the branches, make sure you don’t exceed the maximum branch size stated on your chipper.

Sunshine Coast Mowers has the best chippers available for your use this Winter, so come in store, chat to one of our wonderful team members and find the right chipper for you!