Battery powered lawn mowers, they’re different, new and can be scary to think about using. Why not just stick to your normal lawn mower that you are comfortable using? Well, we are here to give you the rundown on everything to do with battery powered lawn mowers, and why you should make the switch.

Shhhhh… can you hear that?
No more will your family and neighbours complain that you’re on the lawn mower, because these battery powered lawn mowers are impressively quiet! You won’t need to worry about what time of day it is and where you are mowing, you can use it at any time! The Stihl battery powered mowers are so quiet that there is no need to wear earmuffs when operating them.

No fuss? No problem
Due to these mowers being battery powered, there is no fuss of having to mix fuel and top up fuel tanks. This means less spills and less error.

It’s got everything
One might think that being battery powered, the mower loses all it’s bells and whistles. It’s the exact opposite. Our Stihl battery mowers have got it all. They have a safety key under the cover to keep the kids safe and an ECO-mode option to conserve battery life. When mowing less dense or shorter grass, the blade will drop speed to reduce battery consumption and maximise the area you can cover.

They’re greener!
These battery powered lawn mowers omit zero emissions when in use and therefore are extremely environmentally friendly. Being German engineered, the Stihl battery powered lawn mowers also last longer and will be replaced less often. Some models also offer two battery slots, meaning you can simply switch the batteries over once the first is done, and then keep on mowing. It might come as a surprise that the Stihl batteries that power your lawn mower can also power several other tools in the range, like grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers and even chainsaws!

You choose
There are two different battery systems to choose from.

AK Battery Mowers:
The AK batteries are the most popular type of battery among home users. Designed for small, medium and large gardens, these batteries have a range of 10 tools, including 4 mowers and 3 battery options, allowing you to choose the one that is best for you.  These batteries can also power a range of other garden tools.

AP Battery Mowers:
The AP batteries cater to people with larger property sizes and professionals and now has 4 different models.

We have a wide range of models
Whether you barely use your lawn mower, or use it everyday, we have one for you. We have battery powered lawn mowers suited for your every need, and all you need to use is a single rechargeable battery. Check out more of our battery powered lawn mowers on our website.