With Autumn fast approaching, the garden is going to need a lot more regular maintenance. This includes the dreaded job of cleaning up all the fallen leaves and debris. If you’re looking to get the job done quickly, you turn to your favourites. Your leaf blower and your blower vacuum. These machines both serve similar purposes, making it difficult to know which one to use and when. Both of these tools will help you to clear leaves and debris from your yard, but the slight variations in their features make a big difference. Don’t worry. We are here to help you choose the right tool for you this Autumn.

When to use a leaf vacuum
Leaf vacuums are often recommended to home users who have a few leaves in their garden that need to be cleared. They are often used for more detailed and precise work and leave your garden looking a lot cleaner. Some of the advantages of a leaf vacuum are:

  • Convenience: Leaf vacuums collect the waste from your yard into a vacuum bag. This eliminates the effort of binning the leaves and chasing the leaves that ran away from your pile. The leaves stay in the collection bag until you empty them into the bin.
  • Easy mulch maker: Inside most lawn vacuums are blades that make up an impeller. An impeller chops up the leaves and debris that you vacuum into smaller pieces that can be used as mulch for your garden.
  • More control: You no longer have to worry about damaging your plants with a leaf blower. With a leaf vacuum you can collect the debris and leaves you want while still controlling how close you get to your more delicate plants. This means you can also get into tight spaces like gutters and window wells to leave everything looking spick and span!

When to use a leaf blower
Leaf blowers are often better used for larger areas and places where you have room to create larger piles of leaves. For these larger jobs, a leaf blower is by far the superior choice.

  • Quick clean-up: While a leaf vacuum is convenient, it requires you to move much slower to pick up all the leaves. When tackling a large job, using a leaf vacuum will take you much longer and be a much more painful job. The leaf blowers' high volume of air makes it much easier to sweep large volumes of debris into a pile.
  • Great for open spaces: Leaf blowers are the most handy when it comes to open spaces. Spaces like garages, cars and workshops can easily be cleaned with a quick sweep of the leaf blower, leaving you time to relax.
  • Useful for wet debris: A leaf vacuum often doesn’t provide enough suction to suck up wet debris and leaves that are stuck to the ground. A leaf blower on the other hand ejects enough air to clear the wet leaves and debris on your land, making for an easy clean up.