As the grass cutting season begins, there’s a good chance you’re considering an upgrade to your old mower. We always ask our customers to consider the size of their garden and the look of the lawn they are after.

Push mowers are generally good for the smallest gardens, while medium to large lawns might be better suited to the ride-on types – but again, this comes down to personal preference. Once you have thought this through, you’re ready to think about the different types of mowers available at Sunshine Coast Mowers.

Cylinder mowers have a rotary blade at the front, cutting the grass with a scissor motion. If you cut your lawn regularly, these are great, but if you have longer, damper or tougher grass, they’re not the best.

Hover mowers, on the other hand, work well for most gardens, particularly those with uneven surfaces or unusually shaped gardens. Rotary mowers, meanwhile, have a blade that rotates under the mower, which sits on wheels and often has a rear roller that gives you stripes and these machines are particularly good for reaching edges too.

Don’t forget to consider what will happen to the grass. If you don’t want to rake it up afterwards, get a mower with a grass box or bag or one that mulches. And don’t forget detail such as weight, noise, ergonomics and size for storage.

We’ve tested mowers on small, medium and large lawns to bring you the best of them. Our friendly consultants are here for advice, but in the meantime, here are some options for you to consider.

Light Lawns, small gardens
Our recommendation - Honda mowers

Whatever your lawn mowing requirements Honda's got it covered with its range of quality reliable mowers. These machines have been designed with user safety in mind, and set a benchmark for safety gardening in Australia. These mowers have swing back blades, which ensure superior cutting and engine protection.

Heavy lawns, flawless finish
Our recommendation - Masport Mowers

Masport mowers have been designed to meet the needs of the heaviest lawn conditions and the longest mowing times, which is why they would be great for medium sized lawns that require a bit of extra time and attention.

Large lawns
Our recommendation - John Deere Mowers

John Deere is notorious for their exceptional line of riding mowers, despite both major brands having a good range to choose from. Whilst they both produce reliable and smoothly operated ride-on mowers, John Deere is home to much larger selection of sizes and price ranges, which are available at Sunshine Coast Mowers.