Do you chop your vegetables with a blunt knife? We didn’t think so...

Mower Maintenance - Sunshine CoastThere is nothing worse than a jagged edge when dicing tomatoes, is there? Well, the same rule applies to your landscaping tools!

With regularly serviced, well-maintained and sharpened landscaping tools you can work faster, more efficiently and safer in the garden. Not only that, you will feel at ease knowing they are safe to use when other people borrow your tools.

For example, the teenagers doing their chores!

To get you thinking about the safety, maintenance and service of your landscaping tools, here are a few tips from the service and maintenance team at Sunshine Coast Mowers.

Lawn Mower Service and Maintenance

If you have ever pushed a petrol-powered mower with blunt blades across an entire lawn, you will know the aches and pains that can follow. This is the first tool you should think about maintaining in your garden shed, otherwise mowing the grass will continue to be your worst nightmare.

Things to consider when inspecting your lawn mower for a service is the engine throttle and the undercarriage where the blades sit. If this is looking out of balance or the blades are starting to chip then it’s time for a service, with the experienced maintenance team at Sunshine Coast Mowers in Queensland.

If you feel your mower just needs a general tidy-up underneath, then simply remove the grass and debris as best you can and consider booking the machine in with our team to get the blades sharpened.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers, we service equipment of any make or model to make your life easy. All products we sell, and service carry a peace of mind warranty.

If you aren’t sure what the proper way to repair or maintain your landscaping equipment consider contacting a professional at Sunshine Coast Mowers. With Summer right around the corner, we can offer advice about mowing, chainsaws, cutters, garden tools, mower accessories and more.

Wherever you are located on the Sunshine Coast, our Service Centres at 189 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba, and 31 Caloundra Road, Caloundra are not too far away. Clients from Caloundra to Gympie and all places in between have been trusting their repairs to us for many years.

Call in and see us or phone us on 07 5444 2577 for your next service.