Do you ever feel jealous of your neighbour when they are standing at the edge of their driveway blowing the dead leaves onto the street?
They don’t have a care in the world. They have a tidy yard, and all their garden clutter has been blown away.

Let’s be honest, nothing ruins all the hard work of a great garden like waking up to find Mother Nature has scattered leaves across your perfectly manicured oasis. If you feel this way, then it’s time to get a leaf blower and garden vacuum. Blowers and garden vacuums are hugely popular here at Sunshine Coast Mowers, especially when it comes to cleaning up the yard in winter.

A leaf blower is most effective for gathering bulk amounts of leaves or grass into large piles, which you can scoop up by shovel or hand.

The vacuum mode of a leaf blower is best used for smaller jobs, where a rake would be difficult to use. Use it for leaves that have been trapped around rocks, at the bases of fences, or in the tight spots around your house.

There are a few things to consider when using a leaf blower, however…. Wind.
If you can, remove your leaves on a day when the wind is blowing in the direction you want them to go, or on a day that is still. You’ll find that doing otherwise is seriously counter-productive.… and don't forget, rain.

Bottom line, dry leaves are easier to remove with a blower than wet leaves. Test the moisture of a leaf pile by directing your blower at its base. If it barely budges, it might be best to do another chore instead and come back the next day.
If you’re after a great garden blower and vac, see our options here, or come into our showroom at Mooloolaba or Caloundra and talk to our friendly staff about the best options for you.