Here on the Sunshine Coast, winter is the time for wood-fired pizzas and sitting around a fire pit in your backyard. Our winters are warm enough to still enjoy the outdoors, while soaking in some natural warmth from the perfect fire.

But for many of us, cutting firewood is a chore we simply don’t want to take part in. Best leave it to the professionals, right?

Well, even the professionals have a few tricks for saving time (and their backs) when cutting winter firewood - introducing a Log Splitter.

Here at Sunshine Coast Mowers, we have a range of log splitters to choose from, with varying features from electric to petrol, which our team would be happy to recommend depending on the type of job.

Our products include BE Pressure Log Splitter, Hansa Log Splitters, Honda Log Splitters, and Masport Log Splitters.

A log splitter makes it so much easier to split wood and split a volume of wood in a short time.

But let’s get down to basics, such as, how does a log splitter work?

When the log splitter is primed and powered, place the log that you are splitting onto the wedge.

Activate the mechanism (either a button or arm which you will need to pull) which will trigger the piston to apply pressure to the log and split it to the desired size.

It sound simple, however you will want to be sure that you take your safety into consideration when using a log splitter.

Here are our top safety tips for using a log splitter!

  • Only use a log splitter in daylight.
  • Always wear sturdy shoes or boots, and safety glasses or goggles.
  • Never wear jewelry or loose clothing that might get caught in the log splitter.
  • Make sure the beam is locked before starting.
  • Cut logs with squared off ends prior to splitting.
  • Never attempt to split more than one log at a time.
  • Keep your work area clear – remove any wood from around the machine so you don’t trip.
  • Only one operator at a time.