We all love our gardens.

We want green grass, luscious and dense tree foliage and flowering plants.

And as we all know, these come hand in hand with looking after our environment and doing our small part to prevent air pollution.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers, we take pride in our variety of both electric, battery and petrol-powered machinery, continuously looking at advancements in equipment technology that will contribute to lower environmental impact.

Emissions controls and standards on small petrol engines powering lawnmowers and gardening equipment aim at protecting our environment, and we take these seriously when advising clients on the best tool for their gardening project.

According to the State Government, some lawn mowers produce ten times more highly toxic volatile organic compounds than power stations, a tenth their level of fine particle pollutants, but negligible amounts of CO2, which is emitted in high levels by power stations.

We make sure all our mower engines at Sunshine Coast Mowers have undergone environmental scrutiny, and when undergoing a service, are deemed environmentally sound.

However, if you are conscious of petrol powered gardening tools, we do stock a variety of battery powered equipment.

These have signified appeal as they are quiet, clean and offer complete freedom in use.

The new cordless power tools by Stihl, all use the same advanced Lithium-Ion batteries, so once you have finished trimming the hedge, you can simply re-charge and get on with lawn mowing, grass trimming or leaf blowing, and even cut up a few logs.

The impressive Lithium-ion batteries can be charged and partially re-charged several hundred times without any significant loss of capacity; and of course, with a battery powered tool, there is minimal maintenance and no engine servicing required, so they are absolute simplicity and cost-effective in use.

Here are two of our most loved new products to take advantage of this new battery system.

The RMA 460

This is a STIHL lawn mower is a lithium-ion product, which provides quiet operation and zero emissions.

Equipped with durable steel mowing deck, large wheels, adjustable handles and a 60L catcher, it is perfectly suited to the average home lawn.

MS 362 C-M

MS 362 C-M had an overhaul, with a new control unit, new cylinder and spark plug, new flywheel and carburetor.

The MS 362 C-M is a rugged all-rounder equipped with STIHL's environmentally friendly 2-MIX engine technology for less fuel consumption, fewer emissions, and outstanding cutting performance.

Please contact the Team at Sunshine Coast Mowers to discuss the use of battery powered equipment in your environment.

Call us at either store on 07 5444 2577