It’s a dirty job compacting concrete. But somebody has to do it, right?
You probably didn’t realise, but compaction is one the most important steps for many construction projects, so owning the right equipment for the job is crucial.

Sunshine Coast Mowers supply commercial construction equipment for the local building industry, including a range of Vibratory Rammers and Concrete Vibes from leading manufacturers such as Wacker Neuson and Hoppt.

So why is the right equipment important?

The simple reason is that a properly compacted base will ensure the stability need to support structures, sidewalks, roadways, etc.

The two most common pieces of equipment for general compacting, which we receive the most questions about are Forward Plate Compactors and Hand Held Concrete Vibrators. We’ve found that people aren’t always sure when one may be a better option over the other.

Below, we’ll discuss and highlight what you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing between the two.

How Concrete Vibrators Work.

Once the concrete has poured, it might have hundreds or even thousands of air-bubbles that substantially weaken it. The usual solution which, in many instances, is also a building code requirement is concrete vibration.

Concrete vibrators will eliminate air bubbles by vigorously shaking the freshly poured concrete with a mechanical vibrator.

Hand Held Concrete Vibrator

The hand held concrete vibrator is commonly seen on the modern construction site where the construction area is long but narrow. In such case, engaging a hand held concrete vibrator could eliminate technical headaches and engineering concerns.

Forward Plate Compactor

In our opinion, a forward plate compactor gives outstanding compaction for most construction jobs. This tamping equipment is easy to handle. Its rugged construction is long lasting and requires limited maintenance.