With summer around the corner, it is important to know how to maintain your backyard and keep your lawn and garden looking great for the barbecue season.

But to do this you'll need the right tools to get the job done right and avoid strained back muscles, scratched hands, and other backyard nuisances.

Our guide breaks down the items every backyard gardener should have to prepare their garden for Summer.


A lawn mower and a sprinkler will become your garden’s best friend coming into the warmer months, with this summer expected to be the hottest on record.

Grass is particularly picky when it comes to the weather and can thrive or die depending on the circumstances and level of care. The different grass varieties have certain features and maintenance levels according to how fast they grow and their tolerance to shade and family wear and tear. Factors to consider when choosing the right grass for your home include humidity and shade levels, water restrictions, garden size and soil type.

Saying this, it’s also important to make sure your mower is suited to the type of grass to maximise its chances of survival this summer. At Sunshine Coast Mowers we have a large variety of mowers designer for all lawn types, whether big or small. Our brands include, Honda, Masport, Job Deere push and Ride-On, Walker, as well as cylinder mowers and mower attachments.

Talk to the team at Sunshine Coast Mowers about your lawn type and we can find a mower suited to your backyard.


One of the most hated gardening chores is weeding, especially in summer when the days are hotter and longer — there is nothing worse than bending down to pull out the weeds growing along your bordered garden bed. We recommend using a brushcutter to quickly and efficiently tidy-up the edges around your garden, along fence lines and under hard-to-reach locations, such as trees. Brushcutters are also a great tool for cutting through long grass that has grown out in winter and needs to be cut back before bush fire season begins.


To get the perfect look ready for that summer barbecue, use an edger tool to add a touch of class to your flowerbeds and patio area. It will give a clean look, which also makes it easier when it comes to mowing.


Blowers are great tools for the quick tidy-up along footpaths, patio areas and driveways, clearing dirt, leaves and debris left behind from cutting and mowing.


Avoid the physical stress of shaping tall hedges by using a lightweight, cordless tool.

We advise avoid pruning plants during the summer months because removing leafy growth will expose stems to the scorching sun and some plants can suffer from severe sunscald if over-pruned. If you plant has enough shade and has been damaged during winter, prune them back to liven up the stems. Use an electric trimmer to get the job down quickly and evenly.

Gardening tools

The right tools make gardening easier and help you do a good job, even having comfortable hand tools and long-reach hand tools can increase your productivity in the garden and prevent any aces and pains.

Make sure to keep tools well maintained and sharp to improve their performance.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers we offer a maintenance service for all tools.