Ride-on mowers are made for areas that are just beyond the scope of anyone wanting to walk to cut their lawns. If it takes you more than two hours to mow your lawn then it might be time to upgrade to a machine you can drive, rather than push.

Most types of ride-on mowers are hydrostatic (no manual gears). The most popular ride-on is a tractor style or zero turn. For larger areas with a lot of obstacles, a zero turn model is more suitable for their maneuverability and speed.

If you are wondering what size mower you will need, for property sizes of up to 1.5 acres, a model with a 30” – 42” deck and an engine size of 16hp – 21hp should be sufficient. Larger areas would require a more heavy-duty mower with a larger, reinforced cutting deck and more engine power for increased performance and durability.

The team at Sunshine Coast Mowers has had a look at four different properties and given their advice to what mower would suit their needs.

1. Pete, a professional in his early thirties. He’s just bought his first property with a large area of grass in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Pete has a busy lifestyle; he owns his own business and also has a hectic social life. But he’s proud of owning his first home and wants to have a presentable lawn. He’s also short on time.

ADVICE: For someone like Pete, mowing the lawn should not be a chore but a job that is done quickly and with little fuss.

We recommend the Walker Mowers S14 with a 36" Deck. The MS is the original design of the Walker; built to be compact and maneuverable. It’s great for when you need to get your cutting done fast and has the capabilities to mow long grass in wet conditions. It also mows all those tight areas, around trees and along garden edges with ease.

The S14 is a great machine for homeowners and large property owners.

2. Todd, a farmer with several acres on the Sunshine Coast

Todd is a busy farmer who gets up early to milk the cows and spends most of his time tending to the animals. He leaves little time to get to the lawns, although they are an important aspect of maintaining the farm.

ADVICE: We recommend a Walker Mowers C19i with a 42" Deck, it uses a 19-hp Kohler OHV engine and has an efficient design to deliver power to decks of all sizes and types up to 62 inches, with a number of implements and attachments.

The 19hp engine leaves more power for those big jobs, which also means Todd doesn’t have to worry about any extra demand on the mower because they are built tough – fully fabricated in the US to a quality standard that goes above and beyond all other mowers.

The C19 is a popular machine for commercial operators needing a compact mower for high-end property maintenance.

3. Kate and Rhys, a young couple with a son. They have a large property on the Sunshine Coast near Doonan.

A large garden for their growing family is a priority and pets makes a hard job for Rhys, especially because he works on weekends. He wants to maintain the property and doesn’t want to spend too much time doing so.

ADVICE: We recommend the Walker Mowers S14 with a 42” Multi-Deck. It uses a smaller engine and simplified drive train and shares most of the features of the high-performance models. Also, if you have a large area of grass like Kate and Rhys, a zero turn radius (ZTR) lawn mower is an option you should consider. Zero Turn Radius mowers can help save time and energy. They are easy to handle, highly maneuverable and perform consistently. You have multiple cutting deck size options, which allows for you to find the perfect size depending on landscaping elements within your cutting area.

4. Sonia and Riccardo, mid-forties with three children. They have a large property with animals just outside Landsborough.

Sonia and Riccardo have busy jobs and a busy family life. They have a large house with an even bigger garden that has to accommodate children’s games, entertaining, a plot for growing vegetables, plus three large paddocks for the horses.

ADVICE: Time is at a premium yet they want to enjoy their garden, a conundrum we can solve with a Walker Mowers C19 with a 42" Deck. Enjoy unmatched comfort, flawless cut quality, superior fuel economy and long-lasting durability with this model of mower.

In 2014, this mower was updated to a tilt-open body style, making it easier to completely expose the drive train and it is now standard with a 7-bushel catcher; making it a well balanced, easy-to-operate machine.


If you only consider one thing prior to purchase, make it the features of the cutting deck. The size of the cutting deck will depend on the area of lawn to be mowed and the terrain. For example, a smaller deck is better suited to uneven slopes as it is less likely to dig in.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers, our sales staff can talk to you about your property and recommend options most suited to your needs.