Vroom Vroom clink.

It’s a gardener’s worst nightmare. When you’re all geared up for a day in the yard, getting the lawns and trees ready for summer and your equipment dies, seizes up or just doesn’t start.

It’s at this point that you start kicking yourself for missing that last service appointment, or for not cleaning the equipment properly after use.

As a business that prides itself on our equipment running well every single time, our team at Sunshine Coast Mowers can’t stress enough the importance of maintenance, cleaning and storing.

Cleaning is one of the most important things you can do for your gardening equipment, especially your lawn mower, as it will keep it running at its best and prevent unnecessary dirt build up.

For most of the body of the mower, all you need is some soapy water and a brush.

Mower Washing - Sunshine Coast Mowers

For the undercarriage, giving your lawn mower a good hose down and scrub with a metal brush will ensure the build-up of grass and dirt is removed. You can use degreaser and a raw to get into the small components around the engine to remove grease and dirt built up.

Like mowers, chainsaws also need regular TLC, but for different reasons. A blunt or poorly adjusted chainsaw can be dangerous, so as a matter of safety it’s always good practice to keep the blades clean.

To do this, wife it down with an old rag, making sure you remove any build-up of waste around the engine, air intake, fuel tank and the chain and bar.

Keep a cover on the chain when not in use to protect the cutting edges and use proper bar oil (not motor oil) as it has special qualities to ensure the chain is best lubricated.

But last, but not least, it’s essential that you store your equipment in an area that is undercover and away from the elements, like rain. If you do all over these things, your equipment will last longer, work better and your gardens/lawns will thank you for it.