A constant, reliable power supply is one of those things that we can tend to take for granted.

But when the power is cut off because a big Queensland storm has struck, we quickly realise how much we rely on it!

If you’re concerned about the upcoming storm season, check out Sunshine Coast Mower’s latest range of powerful portable inverter generators from Hyundai.

The HY3200SEi provides a convenient and cost-effective source of power, producing 3200w/4.0kVA, this generator is the perfect tool to have on hand for summer.

An integrated carry handle is easily stored in the back of a van, car, or garage. Weighing only 35kg combined with the folding front, molded rear handle and heavy duty rear wheels makes transportation easy across a variety of surfaces.

 The HY3200SEI houses a new inverter board designed to cope with the extreme inductive loads applied when using power tools and electric motors with high start up currents. The new LCD display makes it easy to monitor the performance of the generator, displaying voltage, frequency and hour count.

Owning one of these new-style generators can be extremely useful, not  just for running our household appliances and keeping the beer cold, but in some cases, to pump water to the gas hot water system, and to charge devices like computers and mobile phones.

Also, if you’re heading on a camping trip with the tent or hitting the road in a fully-equipped camper van, a generator can make life a lot easier.

Having a generator gives you more flexibility and choice when it comes to picking a campsite, allowing you to stay in spots known as ‘free camps’. Taking a silent generator on the road with you will provide the convenience of being able to power fridges, lighting, charge batteries, radios and even TVs.

It’s definitely going to take your trip from camping to glamping and make for a more enjoyable trip, overall.