Mulching lawn mowers are becoming increasing popular these days, as homeowners move towards a more environmentally conscious way of living.

With their ability to fertilise the soil, maintain moisture and keep grass looking green, mowers with a mulching mechanism are topping the class this summer as the gardening tool of choice.

What’s the difference between a mulching lawn mower and a catching lawn mower?

Catching lawn mowers collect the grass clippings in a box or bag that attaches to the rear of the lawn mower. The collected grass is then disposed of on the compost heap or dumped.

Mulching lawn mowers on the other hand cut the grass into very fine pieces, which is then evenly distributed across the lawn as you continue to mow.

Why are mulching lawn mowers so popular?

A mulching mower is like a food processor for your lawn, uses a special blade and enclosed deck to slice up grass clippings and dried leaves before depositing them back deep into the turf, where they decompose in a few days. The result is a clean, vacuumed appearance without any unsightly clumps, as well as a fertilised and healthier lawn.

What we love about a mulching lawn mower.

  • Lawn cuttings are one of the very best mulches for you garden, especially if your lawn includes a variety of plants (not weeds), such as plantain, dandelion, grass, and more. These cuttings help to fertilise your garden, reduce how often you need to water, keep your soil soft, and prevent weeds from growing.
  • Lawn cuttings are rich in natural nitrogen and other nutrients, and help to fertilise your garden.
  • Every time it rains, the water slowly leaches nutrients from the mulch into your soil. As the mulch decomposes, it adds organic matter and more nutrients to the soil.
  • Mulch protects the soil surface – it keeps the surface of the soil loose and open, allowing rain and air to easily penetrate into the soil. Plant roots and soil life need fresh air to thrive. Bare soil exposed to sun and weather can quickly become hard and dense.
  • Using a mulching lawn mower can save you time and extra labour, by not having to collect and dispose of clippings.

What are the benefits of catching your grass clippings?

While mulching is the best option for fertilising your garden, there are certain times of year when catching your grass clippings is best.

It is best to use a catcher in the spring and autumn when leaves and other plant matter are already falling to the ground and starting their natural decomposing process to fertilise the soil.

What kind of mulching mower should I choose?

At Sunshine Coast Mowers we have a variety of excellent mulching mowers to choose from. Here are a two of our most popular choices:

Masport Mulcher

This mower does one thing very well: mulching.

With a purpose-built mulcher, the lightweight design mulches grass clippings brilliantly. In fact, this mower mulches so well, it leaves the lawn looking as though you have used a catcher.

Honda HR216PDU Chute Mower

The Honda has a distinctive side chute design, which allows your grass clippings to be returned and rejuvenated straight back into the soil.

What’s more, the side chute removes the need for you to use a catcher bag. This design feature streamlines the mowing process, meaning that you’ll spend less time emptying the catcher bag.