Pruning not only helps keep your backyard beautiful, it’s also necessary to promote tree growth and health.

In order to do your best pruning, you’ll need the right tools and equipment from Sunshine Coast Mowers.


Secateurs are probably the most used gardening tool when it comes to pruning shrubs, flowers, vines and growth on trees. They are hand-held and can cut branches and twigs.

The Stihl Anvil Secateaurs feature a strong anvil model for hard wood, plastic profiles or hoses. They have an easy-to-replace, non-stick coated blade and a corrosion-resistant pruner body.

A good set of secateurs in your garden shed can help you to improve the appearance or health of a plant by removing diseased, damaged, or dead plant parts.

Pruning dense canopy also allows for better air circulation and sunlight to penetrate the tree base and avoid future health problems for the shrub.

Pruning Shears

If you find you need two hands to make a cut with your hand pruners, it's time to switch to pruning shears — these are basically hand pruners with long handles.

The handles on pruning sheers gives you leverage, so you can pruner higher and larger branches.

The Stihl ANVIL Pruning Shears are easy-to-handle for cutting hard or dead wood. The non-stick coated blades prevent jamming, and with an adjustable and replaceable anvil, aluminium handles with ergonomic grip for a firm hold, these shears will save you energy and time.

Use Pruning Shears to rejuvenate old trees and shrubs.

Pruning Saw

Use a pruning saws to remove stems you cannot cut with hand pruners or shears. Pruning saws come in many sizes, with either straight or curved blades, and teeth that are either fine or coarse.

Use a finely-toothed, curved pruning saw to remove branches up to 5 centimetre thick. You can make a clean cut with this type of saw where access is difficult.

Alternatively, use a coarsely-toothed saw for heavy branches 7 centimetres thick or more.

Use the MEGACUT Pruning saw for quick and precise sawing for up to 8 centimetres. The 3-sided Japanese blade, impulse hardened and chrome-plated steel teeth, conical blade shape, ergonomic 2-component handle, corrosion-resistant, holster for mounting on both sides for both left and right-handed users.

Use Pruning Saws to reduce the size of a plant so that it remains in better proportion with your landscape. Pruning can also decrease shade, prevent interference with utility lines, and allow better access for pest control.

Hedge Clippers

Use hedge clippers to trim thin-stemmed hedges and to influence fruiting and flowering. Proper pruning of flower buds or hedges encourages early vegetative growth.

The Stihl Hedge Shears are for soft to extremely tough hedges and shrubs. Specially coated serrated cutters with sap grooves and are corrosion-resistant.