For maintaining formal hedges or creating uniform pruning lines, a powered hedge trimmer is the tool for the task.

But what happens when your favourite trimming tool needs a sharpen?

The answer is simple: Come see the team at Sunshine Coast Mowers and we will sharpen your hedge trimmer for you!

As a recommendation, we tell our clients that the blades should be sharpened regularly after about every 50 hours of operation to maintain cutting performance.

With any cutting tool it is important your hedge trimmer blade is sharp and clean to ensure you get the best performance time and time again.

Blunt and dirty blades can become jammed in the bush, which could be dangerous for you and the trimmer!

If the cut on the branch is uneven and frayed, this also suggests that the blades are blunt and need to be re-sharpened.

If you want a perfectly sharpened blade, your best bet is to contact our team at Sunshine Coast Mowers. They can sharpen the blades using their sharpening machines, which will ensure you get that perfect cut.

Hedge Trimming Tips From STIHL

Follow these handy tips to get the best from your hedge trimmer.

Keep it sharp.

Sounds obvious, but keep trimmer blades sharp. If cut branch tips appear ragged or light in colour, or if blades snag on the hedge, the blades are probably blunt and tearing rather than slicing material.

Keep it clean.

A blade that is not clean is not efficient. As a hedge is trimmed, sap builds up on the blades, setting hard like glue.

Keep it in order.

Cut the vertical sides of a hedge first, using an upward and downward sweeping motion and moving forwards along the hedge as you work. When trimming the top of a hedge, angle the blades at around 10° to the horizontal and use a horizontal scything motion to sweep cut material off the hedge.

Keep it safe.

Always use recommended protective clothing, and follow safety instructions when using a powered hedge trimmer.

Our tip for trimming your hedges

When it comes to trimming your hedge, less is more! Start by taking only small amounts of the hedge to neaten it up without butchering the plant.

Most hedge trimmers will cut through hedges very quickly so take your time and be patient or you could end up with a very sorry looking bush!

When cutting your hedge you should start from the sides and cut from the bottom upwards in the direction of the hedge growth as you will find this much smoother

The bottom the hedge should be wider than the top to ensure daylight can reach the bottom of the hedge, which encourages healthier growth.