Sunshine Coast Mowers is a proud distributor of Australian-owner Walker Mowers, a commercial mowing company with one of the industry’s best reputations for quality.

With its compact size, low center of gravity, agility, and a variety of add-ons like the Dethatcher and Dozer Blade, the Walker is the ultimate machine for any season.

The front-mount, zero-turn Walker Mower is a true, year-round workhorse helping contractors, municipalities, and homeowners stay productive in all seasons.

Here are a few more reasons why we recommend Walker Mowers for Sunshine Coast and greater Brisbane lawns:

Many lawns have low, overhanging obstacles that will require a deck and an operator position with a low clearance to make mowing under them possible. The thoughtful design of the Walker will help you get more grass mowed, faster and easier.

Efficient Drive
A compact drive system has been at the front of the Walker tractor design from the beginning. Integrated transmissions, proprietary final drives and the skillful use of new technology have helped maintain this tight design footprint.

Integrated Components
One design standard we have worked towards is to ensure the entire grass collection system is internal. This intentional effort has allowed Walker Mowers to retain their compact footprint.

The Industry’s Easiest And Most Responsive Steering
The intuitive Walker steering design requires less input from the operator and returns more responsive results. The control of the Walker is easily mastered leading to confident and safe operation.

Two components make up the Walker steering system; a Forward Speed Control that acts as a cruise control when moved forward, and steering levers which provide left and right turning, speed reduction and reverse motion all with minimal fingertip pressure.

Less Turning Resistance
The maneuverability of the Walker is enhanced by reduced weight on the deck caster wheels. Allowing the drive system to immediately steer rather than overcoming resistance of caster wheels turning on grass makes the Walker a responsive performer.

Deck weight on caster wheels is reduced by transferring deck weight back to the drive tires via the counterweight springs. This also contributes to the balance of the machine and helps` provide the signature Walker Mowers beautiful cut.