What’s the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts, you ask? Here is a simple breakdown:

  • OEM products, or “Original Equipment Manufacturer” products, come directly from the original manufacturer you bought your machine from. For example, if you bought a Toro mower, the OEM parts would be made by Toro.
  • Aftermarket parts are made by a variety of manufacturers and are normally sold by one supplier. For example, Sunshine Coast Mowers is an aftermarket supplier of garden power equipment. Our parts and spares are from leading manufacturers, we offer advice from expert mechanics and service techs, and we carry products from numerous aftermarket suppliers.
Now you know the difference, let’s look at the things you need to consider when buying garden power equipment parts.

Design & Quality

  • OEM parts were specifically designed for your machine and are usually an exact replacement part.
  • These parts are guaranteed to be made to the exact specifications that were used when the machine was first built.
  • The quality of an OEM product will be similar to or exactly the same as the product already on your machine.
  • Aftermarket parts are often re-engineered parts.
  • The durability or the design may not exactly meet OEM standards.
  • Some aftermarket parts come from the same manufacturers who are making parts for the OEM’s – meaning that the aftermarket part is identical to the OEM.

Price & Availability

  • Aftermarket parts can cost less than OEM parts
  • There can be delays in product availability for OEM parts.
  • Aftermarket products are usually commonly replaced parts for each OEM.


  • OEM parts typically have a short warranty period – somewhere between 30 to 90 days.
  • Aftermarket suppliers typically only come with a general maintenance and “wear” warranty.

Conclusion: To sum it all up, OEM products are better quality, but aftermarket products are cheaper and they get the same job done.