Sprayers for weed control and plant maintenance (Stihl products)

Weeds. Aren’t they annoying?

Whether you’re a weekend gardener or horticulture expert, weeds will no doubt creep into your maintenance schedule someway or another.

In the past, we have got down on our hands and knees and pulled these pesky shrubs from their unwelcome home, and in some cases this method of removal is perfect. But, if your like most of us and time poor, then you’re going to need a STIHL sprayer or mistblower to get the job done.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers, we have a large range of sprayers and mistblowers available, most with different features to suit the size of property or how large the garden space is. Our expert team will be able to help you in the decision making process and decide on a sprayer or mistblower that’s right for the job.

But what’s the difference between a sprayer and mistblower? Well, a good rule of thumb that STIHL likes to use is:

Sprayers are suitable for treating small, low-growing plants around the home and garden

While mistblowers are used on tall plants and in agriculture settings, like vineyards.

STIHL Sprayers

Manual sprayers are ideal for applying pesticides and fertiliser to plants around the home and garden. The spray jet and pressure can be controlled, which means that weed agents can be applied exactly where they are needed, whilst protecting the plants as well.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers, Our STIHL sprayers come in different grades: as a simple handheld sprayer for use in the home and garden, through to backpack units for professional applications in greenhouses and on medium-sized crops.

STIHL Mistblowers

If larger crop areas and tall plants need to be treated, the sizeable mist-blowing range of our mistblowers will give you results you need. With their long, powerful air stream, mistblowers can reach even distant targets and enable several plants to be sprayed in a single step. The plants’ leaves are set in motion by the air stream, which allows leaves at the centre of the tree and the undersides of leaves to be coated.

Mistblowers such as the STIHL SR 450 can also be used for distributing plants seeds, powder or pellets quickly, whilst ensuring that the required areas are covered. It is also a convenient tool for dusting large fields.