Autumn, the season of falling leaves and colour changing trees. Autumn is the best time to take care of your garden before it gets hit with the cold temperatures in Winter.

It’s important to upkeep your plants in Autumn, which means doing some pruning.

Pruning your garden will make sure that your plants are as healthy as possible, while also promoting flowering and stimulating growth. Make sure to trim your hedges with a sharp blade to make the healing process as easy as possible. We recommend one of the STIHL hedge trimmers for all your hedge trimming needs. If your blades need sharpening, come down to our store for a quick service, or pick up our STIHL resin spray in store.

Leaves are constantly falling in Autumn, so we would recommend getting your leaf blower out of the garage. To get rid of the leaves in your garden, we recommend a lightweight electric or petrol leaf blower, or a vacuum shredder. Check out our blog post to see which one is best for your garden.

Last but certainly not least, your lawn will need a bit of TLC this Autumn. During the cooler months, grass growth slows. This means you will need to use slow release lawn food to rejuvenate your lawn. Make sure to give your lawn a cut every 3 to 4 weeks and cut at no lower than 2.5cm high.