Before all this new technology came around, all of your garden tools were powered by petrol. This involved filling up the tank, constant maintenance etc. Nowadays, we are faced with battery powered products. But what is so good about them? There are many pros and cons about battery and petrol powered equipment, so we have put together a list to help you decide which is best for you.

Battery Powered

  • The best thing about battery powered equipment is that they are QUIET! While the petrol powered products mean that you can only use them at a specific time, battery powered products can be used to your heart's content without fear of annoying the neighbours.
  • Battery powered products are also a lot better for the environment. There is no petrol which means no exhaust fumes! This also means you don’t have to choke on the petrol fumes emitted from these tools.
  • These products are also easier and less costly in the long term. No petrol means you aren’t having to constantly top up the tank, meaning no spills and no petrol costs. Often, these products start with the push of a button, which means they are a lot easier to start as well and don’t require you to measure fuel and oil ratios.
  • Battery powered equipment also usually has less moving parts, which means you are less likely to have to worry about frequently replacing and maintaining the different parts.
  • Batteries and chargers are often quite costly.
  • Battery powered tools sometimes need recharging more often than topping up the fuel on a petrol powered tool.

Petrol Powered

  • Petrol powered products, although a bit more complicated, are sometimes a bit more powerful. So for people that need to work in areas with thick foliage or dense soil, a petrol powered product is what you need.
  • In today's society, petrol powered products have also been made at a better quality and have lots of different advancements and can produce 75% less emissions and can have up to a 20% increase in fuel efficiency.
  • Petrol powered machines are a lot more flexible and can be used for many different things. They also seem to last a little longer than battery powered machines.


  • Petrol powered equipment is often very noisy and it is therefore less ideal to use in residential areas.
  • The petrol fumes that arise from the equipment are harmful to the environment and not a very relaxing scent to bathe in while doing your work.
  • Petrol powered machines need a little more maintenance over time.
  • The petrol and oil needed for petrol powered machines is quite costly and will build up over time.