It’s hot - already.

Well, it hasn’t stopped being hot, has it?

Our team at the Brisbane Rd store were reading the local Sunshine Coast newspaper to learn we just had the hottest September day since 1996, with temperatures soaring about six degrees above average.

If it wasn’t hot enough - apparently it is going to get hotter!

For anyone with property, land and bushy gardens this will come as no surprise as you have most likely watched as your luscious green grass has dried to dirt, and your garden beds sagged with the lack of rain.

Dust is in the air everywhere, dry leaves are crunching under our feet, and the full brunt of the summer heat hasn’t even arrived yet.

According to the Sunshine Coast Daily, the Bureau of meteorology forecaster Aditi Sharan said the average temperature for September was about 24°C -26°C degrees for the Sunshine Coast.

"There is a trough coming from the south west and moving in this afternoon, causing the winds to turn around north westerly and bringing hot air and more gusty winds," she said.

With high temperature, dry weather and gusty winds, the fire danger is high, so now is the time to take a good long look at your property and gardens, and start making some changes.

A major help to you during this time is going to be a pressure washer, which we stock and use frequently at Sunshine Coast Mowers on Brisbane Rd in Mooloolaba.

We stock Pressure Cleaners from leading manufacturers like Stihl and B.A.R.

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A pressure washer can take the hard work out of a whole host of tasks by simply blasting out a jet of water to knock the dirt off any surface.

For example, if you have a driveway covered in dust from your lawn, now is the perfect time to hit it with a pressure washer. The water will also clear away any debris from the neighbouring trees, as well give your lawn a light sprinkle in the process.

We also like to use pressure washers to clear out gutters, wash down the exterior of our homes, wash windows, clean rubbish bins, foot paths and even patios and patio furniture.

At Sunshine Coast Mowers, we can help you to find a pressure washer that perfectly fits your needs and will help keep your property safe in the hot weekends to come.

Come see our team to talk about your lawn and gardening needs today.