Sunshine Coast Mowers now stock Protea Mowers - a machine known for its high standards under the toughest operating conditions, season after season.

These high quality cylinder mowers are commercial-grade domestic models, made for use on areas including the golf course, cricket wicket, and bowling green models, they are now making their mark in the domestic market too.

Combining simplicity with solid engineering, production is focussed on the essentials, strength, high-quality components, and of course the best engines available, Subaru.

They are easy to operate, cost-effective to maintain, and a delight to use.

Our stock of Protea mowers includes:

Protea SI630 25" (12 Blade) Cylinder Mower

Protea SI510 20" (12 Blade) Cylinder Mower

Protea SI430 17" (12 Blade) Cylinder Mower

For more Protea products - see our stock range.

Why choose a cylinder mower?

Cylinder mowers are known for giving a cleaner cut and not tearing grass blades. So, it’s unsurprising that more and more are being purchased for domestic use.

These mowers have a rotating cylinder equipped with blades and a stationary bedknife. The reel blades guide the blades towards the bedknife, where they are cut by a shearing action.

These mowers are not for the average gardener either - you have to be dedicated and cut your lawn at least once a week.

Cylinder mowers aren’t designed to mow overgrown grass. If the lawn is too long the mower will get bogged down and won’t cut the lawn properly.

The key is to regularly mow the lawn and change the direction you mow each time you cut. This will stop the lawn laying over from the rear and front rollers and allow it to stand up for a cleaner, more precise cut.