Whether you are preparing for a good ol’ Aussie barbecue or mowing in the perfect cricket pitch, your backyard really is the ideal location for a Christmas gathering - so you better start preparations for the festivities!

Here at Sunshine Coast Mowers, we take pride in the presentation of our backyards, especially when it comes to Christmas. For our team, it’s all about choosing the right tools for the job, and making sure they are serviced, sharp and in good working order. There is nothing worse than a broken down mower just before Father Christmas arrives, is there?

We recommend you book in your lawn mower and other garden tools for a service and oil at Sunshine Coast Mowers at Mooloolaba or Caloundra before the Christmas break sets in.

Get in touch with us to book your pre-Christmas service in now.

For those who are prepared, here are a few tips to get the perfect backyard just in time for Christmas.

Preparing a cricket pitch

A mower and a good sturdy garden hose are essentials to keep the grass healthy in the lead up to the Christmas cricket match. If you’re looking for an even contest with bat and ball, mow the grass down as low as possible. If you want to take things seriously get a roller. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, an old 44-gallon drum will do the job.

Preparing the backyard for a picnic

We all know that on the Sunshine Coast biting insects can be the one thing that canl ruin a perfectly good picnic. You can keep the bugs at bay by mowing the lawn the day before Christmas, and cutting it to a short to medium length. Many bugs will live in the lawn and mowing can stir up their nests and force them to leave. If you still have concerns, citronella candles work a treat.

Preparing the backyard for a Christmas barbecue

Again, we recommend you mow the lawn and trim the edges of your backyard one day before Christmas - you don’t want to be mowing on the day Father Christmas arrives. This will also ensure your lawn is in perfect condition on the day, with lush green grass for Christmas games and activities. In the lead-up to Christmas, try keep the grass watered and mow once a week to a healthy level. If you mow too short then your grass is at risk of burning in the sun, but if you leave it too long then you’re at risk of attracting unwanted biting insects.

Good luck and Merry Christmas, from the entire team at Sunshine Coast Mowers.